ALLVEND is a universal software for self-service and payment acceptance systems. Functionality of UNIVERSAL ALLVEND allows to organize self-service of clients in any directions of trade and sphere of services existing in the market.

In the shortest time, you can run any types of self-service points in the work with ALLVEND.

Thanks to the flexibility and ease of the UNIVERSAL software, you can easily customize the work of any self-service points to the needs and business style!

In the shortest possible time, you can run any types of self-service points in work with ALLVEND:




Cash desks




electronic queue


ATMs, etc.

Thanks to the flexibility and ease of ALLVEND, you can easily customize the work of any self-service points to the needs and business style!

ALLVEND Features

Change the design of the software to the style of the brand


Functionality ALLVEND allows you to customize the screens of self-service points in the corporate style of the company for 1 day.

Available options for changing the design:

  • Change the colors of all elements,
  • Replace the background of the screen (live wallpaper, static image)
  • Change the location, size and shape of the elements of the screens,
  • Rebuilding the logic of the operation and functions of the software.

Payment for services of federal and local suppliers


Payment for federal and local services. Supply ALLVEND software supports the preprocessing function, which allows it to be integrated with any payment acceptance system.

The ability to pay for various services will attract the consumer and increase the profitability of the self-service point at the expense of commission fees

Broadcast advertising goods and services


ALLVEND contains a module for conducting advertising campaigns.

Available types of advertising:

  • Static banners on the data entry screen,
  • Broadcast advertising videos on the screen printing a check,
  • Print advertising information on the self-service check,
  • Sending a sms-message to the client.

Automation of order and payment for goods

ALLVEND software contains a module for the formation of orders of goods, which includes the functions of downloading a directory of goods, the formation and payment of orders on self-service devices.

Thanks to the order generation module, you can use self-service points as stores, which will relieve cash desks and increase the permeability of points of sale.

Using a self-service device as an information kiosk

ALLVEND supports the ability to add information sections to self-service devices, which allows you to use points as information kiosks, and also combine the functions of the payment and information terminal.

Using a self-service device as a cash reception office


Cash received at points of self-service as payment for orders of goods and services is collected by analogy with regular cash desks of stores and credited to the settlement account.

With this approach, you do not need to enter into an agreement with the System for Accepting Payments and keep mutual settlements with it – the funds received immediately after their acceptance from the payers come to your disposal.

Payment for goods and services by bank cards


In the ALLVEND software, the function of payment by bank cards without a card reader is implemented

The work of the built-in card payment function is carried out by analogy with payment in online stores, in which the payer enters the card data and confirms payment by the code received by SMS from the Bank.

Thanks to this function, you will be able to provide customers with the ability to make settlements in cash or bank cards, without the cost of additional equipment.

Spheres of application ALLVEND

Retail and retail chains

Financial organizations

Government agencies

Design Options



Built-in OS FastSyS


ALLVEND runs under the light and fast OS FastSYS.

This system operates on USB drives, has 5 degrees of crypto protection and not a single failure for 11 years of its application in the field of self-service terminals.

Due to the stability and high level of automation of this system, a two-fold reduction in maintenance costs is achieved, record indicators of useful life and profitability of points

Full remote point management


All ALLVEND settings are carried out from the online cabinet.

Thanks to remote management, any changes in the settings and operation of self-service device functions are applied within a few minutes without the need for intervention by technicians.

In the office, you can also perform full monitoring of the work of self-service points, which increases the convenience of monitoring the operation of the network.

Comparison with existing solutions

Comparison Options Qiwi eKassir PayLogic ARMAX ALLVEND
Embedded Operating System
Automatic device recovery at the OS level
Monitoring of the operation of devices in the personal account
Analysis of the work of devices in the personal cabinet
Advertising platform
Function of ordering goods
Change of design and functionality without release of updates
Payment for services
Info-kiosk mode
Payment by credit card
Binary software updates
Encryption of data
Immunity from viruses
Work on USB Flash (from 256 Mb)
Drive check system
Identification by fingerprint
Full remote control of points from the cabinet
Support multilanguage interface point

Examples of implementation with prices

Branded terminals in retail chains


Branding terminals in the Customer’s outlets with the ability to pay for the Customer’s store orders and display video ads at the time of receipt printing.

  • The incremental costs of 34 500 thousand rubles.
  • Monthly expenses for support and advertising 530 rubles per point

Terminals for the sale of goods


Branding of terminals in the Customer’s outlets with the possibility of ordering and paying for the goods of the Customer’s shop.

  • The average cost of 53 000 rubles.
  • Monthly support costs of 250 rubles per point
  • Expenses for the sale of goods 2% of the amount

Terminals for ordering and payment in restaurants


Branding terminals in restaurants catering with the possibility of ordering and paying for restaurant meals.

  • Single costs 53000 rubles.
  • Monthly support costs of 250 rubles per point
  • Expenses for the sale of goods 2% of the amount

Advertising panels


Launching of panels and advertising campaigns of the Customer.

  • Single costs 0 rub.
  • Monthly expenses for the support of 400 rubles per point

Prices for main positions

Name of service Description of the service Price
Customizing the individual software design Customizing the individual software design 23000 ₽    
Use of individual design Providing the possibility of using an individual design on the point 100 ₽/month
Connecting the Customer Service Provider Set up payment acceptance in favor of the Customer's own Supplier 3500 ₽
Connecting the order and paying for the goods of the customer's shop Setting up the possibility of ordering and paying for goods at the customer's points 8000 ₽
Connecting the information function Setting up the possibility of obtaining reference information at the Customer's points 3500 ₽
Connection of the registration function Setting up the possibility of registration of applications for the provision of services, works, etc. at points of the Customer 6000 ₽
Support and update of software (per point) Maintenance of the processing center, development and release of new versions of software, binary updates and control of the relevance of versions 150 ₽/month

Full price information is available in the PRICE LIST


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