Облачная рекламная платформа позволяет удаленно управлять рекламным контентом (Video, SMS, баннеры, чеки) на устройствах самообслуживания, рекламных стойках и панелях, содержит широкий выбор параметров трансляции (таргетинг) и систему мониторинга статистики проведения рекламных кампаний

The scope of Cloud-based advertising platform


Терминалы, Инфокиоски


Рекламные мониторы


Рекламные стойки

Opportunities cloud-based advertising platform

Трансляции рекламных роликов

Размещение рекламных баннеров

Печать рекламных текстов на чеках

Широкий выбор параметров таргетинга

Управление рекламным контентом и кампаниями из личного кабинета

Мониторинг статистики проведения рекламной кампании

Отправка рекламно-информационных sms-сообщений клиентам




Wide range of targeting options


Centralized advertising management


Detailed reporting system for broadcasts


The choice of region of the broadcast

Selecting points with sound system

The choice of the time period of the broadcasts

Displaying an HTML page with information

The choice of point addresses for broadcast

Print a check with information after the broadcast

Range of payments for broadcast

Sending SMS messages after broadcasts

Centralized advertising management


Through the personal account you can:

  • The management of advertising devices.
    Creation/editing, health monitoring and analysis of advertising devices, financial reports
  • Set up an advertising broadcast
    Add advertising materials, customizing advertising and targeting

Monitoring of advertising campaigns


Monitoring allows at any time to get acquainted with the statistics of broadcasts and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising:

Broadcast schedule

Schedule with information about the broadcasts for each day of the campaign

Average broadcast rates

Table with data frequency, the average number of broadcasts on points, in settlements, etc.

Broadcasts by targeting parameters

Table with data on broadcasts in the context of the specified targeting parameters

Варианты использования

For advertising broadcasts you can use the cloud advertising platform Of the group of companies “inform-Systems” or create your own.

The use of an advertising platform
GC ” inform-Systems “


OS and SOFTWARE for advertising devices, access to the control system are provided

Software license ALLVEND:
0 $ per device

Monthly service:
250 ₽ per device

Create your own
Cloud-based advertising platform

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Licenses for Processing complex, OS and software of advertising devices are purchased

Software license ALLVEND:
40 $ per device

Monthly service:
0 ₽ per device


You can consult with the Manager for any questions.

Zolotarev Yaroslav
Lead manager of external contacts department
Chuyko Snezhana
Manager of integrated development Department
Kasperovich Evgeny
Manager of the Department for external contacts