A single fiscal server allows you to remotely connect several self-service devices to one fiscal online cash register, while connected devices print checks with all fiscal data received from the fiscal data operator.

How does the fiscal server work?


At the time of making the payment, the self-service device sends the payment information to the fiscal server, after which the online cash register connected to the server generates fiscal data and sends it to the fiscal data operator, while the fiscal server receives data from the online cashier (check image) and transfers them to a self-service device, a check is printed after the customer that meets the requirements of 54-FZ. The whole process takes no more than 3 seconds.

Fiscal Server Features

Adding online cashes

In the “Device Management” tab, you can add or remove the RF and view the information on them.

View the status of the RF

In the “Server and device status” tab, you can see information about the current status of the server

Print a receipt offline

If there is no connection between the device and the FS, the device will still issue a fiscal receipt

Revolution control

The agent can remove and print the X-report and Z-report on paper, and also generate a report on payments.

Adding devices to the RF

In your personal cabinet, you can add self-service devices to the fiscal registrar

Printing a fiscal receipt

The fiscal server prints checks with fisc. marks on devices connected to it

Remote monitoring

Through a private office, you can remotely monitor the health of the server

Automatic shift closing

In the “Device management” tab, you can configure the automatic opening and closing of the shift


Saving on Fiscalization

In order to save money, one FR can be connected to a network of 20-40 self-service devices

Stable work

Fiscal server software works with Flash-drive, which ensures uninterrupted server operation

Full Remote Management

Using a personal cabinet, you can create servers, add and remove self-service devices, etc.

Conformity check 54-FZ

The client receives a cash receipt with a QR-code and with all the necessary requisites corresponding to the 54-FZ.


Implementation options

To save money on fiscalization, you can connect self-service devices to a single fiscal server of the SkySend System or purchase your own fiscal server

Using SkySend Server


The partner registers an online cash register with the Federal Tax Service and passes it to the SkySend manager for connection.

Connection to the server is FREE

Monthly maintenance – 200 rubles / point

Purchase own server


Partner acquires a fiscal server and connects to it an online cashier.

Fiscal server – 17 000 rubles.

Monthly maintenance – 50 p / point



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