Embedded software – specialized software developed for the management, monitoring and monitoring of the device.

The concept of embedded software development is that such software will work, being built directly into the device it manages.

Spheres of use of embedded software


Self-service devices


Parking machines


Automatic refills


Onboard computers


Medical equipment


Industrial equipment


Smart home devices




Access control devices


Advantages of our company's embedded software


All stored, transmitted data, protocols, etc., are protected by persistent modern encryption algorithms based on x509 standards

Fault tolerance

All solutions are built on the principle of high availability, work without interruptions in maintenance, on boards without moving parts with a period of use of 8 years

Immunity from viruses

We develop solutions based on UNIX / FastSYS, which are not subject to virus attacks, so the use of antivirus software is not required

Low maintenance costs

The development uses Open Source technologies, which ensures low cost of support, high levels of stability, automation of software

High speed of work

Developed software is easy and fast, written on QT, installed on any flash-drive, new devices are configured in 15 minutes


The software is developed in a flexible way, so that software updates, as well as the development of new functions, do not cause problems

The advantages of our group in the development of embedded software

Experience in creating complex IT projects

We have developed a number of complex projects, the results of implementation of which are used in Russia and abroad by more than 6,000 devices for 12 years

Turnkey development

We carry out only a full cycle of development of embedded software – from the preparation of technical specifications to the release and testing of software

Principles of the company

In the priority of our Group, the reputation and advancement of technology. All agreements are respected, contacts are open, business is responsible

Creating only ready-made solutions

Our solutions always include a complete software package, i.e. Nothing else is required to develop

Technical support

Within the framework of cooperation, we support the developed software, make improvements, develop new functions, maintain technical documentation


How Embedded Software is Developed

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How to order the development of embedded software

To develop embedded software you need:

Submit the project description to the manager

Get an estimate for software development

Sign a software development contract

The cost of developing embedded software

The cost of developing embedded software is calculated individually for each project and consists of the number and cost of the standard hours specified in the estimate for the development


The cost of a programmer’s normal hours – $75


The cost of the normo-hour administrator – $45


You can consult with the manager on all the issues that arise.

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Manager of integrated development Department
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Manager of the Department for external contacts
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Lead manager of external contacts department